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the plastic track how maintenance can increase the life

time:2016-07-14 view:1989
a maintenance with maintenance.
1. ban on plastic runway with all motor vehicles, avoid violent friction and mechanical impact on the plastic runway.
2. what kind of shoes fit plastic runway: ordinary sports shoes, canvas rubber shoes, training shoes or soft rubber shoes, etc., is not suitable for spikes.
3. do not touch the plastic runway organic solvents and chemicals.
second, the plastic edge of the runway should be doubly safeguard against arbitrary forced open peel move, if found damage to the plastic edge of the runway should be repaired. maintenance should note the following points:
1. after completion of the plastic runway, maintenance needs 7-10 days to work properly.
2. plastic runway must have good drainage system.
3. plastic runway just as an athlete training, competition and the student movement and fitness walking exercise or leisure purposes and not as other uses;
4, if there is found to curbs and plastic runway edge damage, should notify the construction unit when blistering repair.
5, often with water spray cleaning. more than a small amount of water washed plastic surface wipe with a dry cloth. if the plastic runway stained with oil, 10% ammonia water or detergent, washing powder cleaned to keep it clean plastic runway.
plastic runway seasonal maintenance should be carried out twice a year, it is recommended not to scour the entire site with a hose, and use high-pressure water wash, mop is used with high-pressure apparatus rinse thoroughly, prohibited the use of chemicals in the plastic track, when needed when drawing a line should be updated with a sign, snow removal, be sure to use a broom to sweep.
plastic track the life of its quality, use and maintenance level decisions. can proper regular maintenance can greatly extend the life of the standard plastic track.
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